In Loving Memory



        Kevin John Gordeyko

March 10, 1978 - May 11, 2005

Enchanted Highland Brodich





"May 11/06 marked the anniversary of the day one short year ago

that I had to say Goodbye to my youngest son,Kevin,

taken tragically in a motorcycle accident.

On April 09/06 -- again I felt tragic loss when I again

said goodbye to my soul mate and constant companion, Brodie,

Enchanted Highland Brodich CDX, AGN, NJ, NA.

as youngsters, Kevin and Brodie were gret pals,

and even after Kevin left home,

his first greeting would be to Brodie when Kevin walked through the door!

My only comfort now is that they are together now forever

- until we all meet again."


The Pathway That has No End


"we follow the pathway that has no end


As we travel through life day by day,


Together with those who are dear to our hearts


andare there by our side, come what may.


But sometimes a loved one must travel ahead


For reasons that are not always clear.


And we're left behind to continue along,


Missing one who is no longer here.


And while it may seem that the pathway has stopped,


it has merely rounded a bend,


And our loved one goes on to a much brighter place


Down a pathway that has no end."



"Our beloved Brodie"

June 06, 1992 - April 09, 2006

Best Buddies from the start!

Tug of war

Brodie winning for sure.


That was a lot of work!

The Whole Gang

Happy Hour!

Enchanted Highland Brodich CDX, AGN,NJ, NA

If tears could build a stairway

and memories a lane,

I would climb right up to heaven

and bring you home again.

"Forever In Our Hearts"


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